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The Law Offices of Beattie Butler & Associates and our experienced Charleston SC criminal defense attorney team are committed to ensuring that such mistakes do not dictate your future.

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As the Former Chief Litigator for Charleston County, Beattie Butler has successfully defended an immense and wide variety of drug-related charges and annually Teaches Other Criminal Defense Attorneys the methods involved in successfully representing their clients. For well over 20 years, he has has built a reputation for being a powerful negotiator and passionate, aggressive trial lawyer. In addition, he has been part of several landmark case verdicts in the State of South Carolina US and was the Director of ALL lawyer training in Charleston for 12 years.

Mr. Butler possesses all of experience and knowledge necessary to ensure clients get the most effective representation. He is has a deep understanding of SC courtroom strategy and tactics the prosecution will attempt employ. For a free, no-obligation consultation call (843) 377-0869 or fill out the case evaluation form below.

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The decades old “war against drugs” has led to harsher sentences for those convicted on drug related charges. Drug possession, distribution and trafficking may involve harsh sentences for even seemingly minor infractions. Multiple convictions for these offenses result in enhanced sentences that up the stakes dramatically for some offenders. In all drug related criminal prosecutions, the accused must have an experienced and qualified attorney to represent them. An experienced attorney can evaluate your case to determine its legitimacy and constitutionality. Depending on whether your car was pulled over on the highway, your home or place of business was searched, or an informant passed along information in exchange for a lesser sentence - how evidence is gathered and seized can determine the strength of the case against you. An inexperienced attorney may miss a critical circumstance in your case that could be the difference between freedom and prison. Because of that, you can trust the 20+ years of felony trial experience at The Law Offices of Beattie Butler to protect your rights.

One of the best things about serving our clients like we do is that you'll never have to take our word for it.
  • Peter S. - Charleston, SC

    “Beattie Butler is hands down the best attorney I have ever seen. I had an extremely challenging case and was having a very hard time. From the outset and all along the way, Mr. Butler and his team were outstanding in all facets: communication, understanding, responsiveness and outcome.”

  • Mike Gordon - Charleston, SC

    “...Obviously your preparation, tenacity, and legal acumen served your client well...I was most impressed with your closing arguement; concise, articulate, and to the point. Congratulations again.”

  • Gail L. Burgess - Charleston, SC

    “God bless you! Thank you SO much. Words cannot describe how I feel or how grateful I am. You are truly a master of your trade.

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Mr. Butler has earned attention throughout the years for his legal experience – the cases he has handled as well as the results achieved.

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We are distinguished through aggressive representation of our clients’ rights.

Beattie L. Butler has been practicing law for over 20 years. He is a 12yr Director of all lawyer Training in Charleston and was also selected as one of the few attorneys who teaches natianal (and international) trial lawyers annually.

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